BBB Bingo

BBB Bingo 56 West Wilson St, Palatine, IL, United States

Doors open at 7pm.  Arrive early to get a seat.  Vanilla dress throughout restaurant.  We will have a private room in the back.  Order food by the time bingo starts and first call is at 7:30pm Bingo is free, please tip your waitstaff well!

Kink 101 Intro

Earlsville Earlsville, IL, United States

Creating a safe space to learn with kink minded educators, organizers & vendors. Having years of hands-on knowledge, training, and experience. Come learn with a Buffet of 101 classes. Experience hands on training to enhance your kinky skills. There will be flogging, what does it mean to be a Dom/sub/Top/bottom/switch, electric, how to negotiate, rope […]

Kink Expo 2.0

LPC Halloswing Takeover

We are excited to announce that we will be at the Kink Expo presented by Elgin Munchers, in partnership with LPC (in conjunction with their HalloSwing Hotel Takeover event.) This will be held in a clean, PRIVATE, indoor, handicapped-accessible, climate-controlled space for all to enjoy 💖

Happy Hearts Soiree

Illinois IL, United States

Kane County Kinksters (KiCK) will be hosting a cuddle puddle/swinger event. There are only 20 tickets available. No Refunds. One area will be for the cuddle puddle and another area will be for fun events. You will be given a password to purchase tickets and location will be disclosed once you are approved. We will […]

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